Saturday, July 07, 2007

Angel Row, Nottingham, the Sheriff of Nottingham lived here.

Contrary to popular belief, most persons who took on the Office of Sheriff of Nottingham probably wouldn't have lived in Nottingham Castle. That would have been home to the Constable and his soldiers. According to legend the Sheriff, in his duties as Tax Collector and Clerk, lived with his wife in "The Red Lodge" which once stood at the end of Angel Row, a narrow street leading down into the Market Square from the opposite side to the Council House. It is interesting to note that, although the Sheriff's wife appears in the old tales about Robin Hood, she is totally absent from the films and television programs.

Robin Hood encountered more than one Sheriff of Nottingham in his day, although the title "Sheriff" wasn't quite in use at that time. You can find more information and pictures about the Sheriff of Nottingham by following the links HERE.

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