Thursday, April 08, 2010

Robin Hood's Cave. Creswell.

Above: Robin Hood (Richard Todd) in front of his cave hideout in "The Story of Robin Hood".

It is not certain who gave Robin Hood’s Cave at Creswell Crags, its name. Certainly not the Spotted Hyenas who made their dens there during the Ice Age, nor the hippopotamuses and narrow-nosed rhinoceroses who's discovered remains date from even before that. But the name does pre-date the Victorian archaeologists who excavated the caves in the late 19th century, discovering much important information there about our Neanderthal ancestors.

According to legend, Robin Hood was amongst the outlaws who took shelter in the caves at Creswell during medieval times. Furthermore, one of the stories about Robin Hood tells of how Prince John heard Robin was hiding in the largest of these caves (the one now bearing the outlaw’s name), and made haste to catch him there. However, Robin Hood heard of the Prince’s advances and turned the occasion to his advantage by riding into nearby Clipstone, and releasing all the prisoners from the Royal Palace! (To see that Royal Palace click on THIS LINK).

Note: There are other caves named after Robin Hood. but this is the most significant.

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