Thursday, June 10, 2010

Robin Hood meets Alan A Dale. Church of St James, Papplewick

The Church of St James, Papplewick, was rebuilt in 1795. But according to some versions of the legend, it was in the churchyard which stood here in the 12th century, that Robin Hood is believed to have first met a distressed Alan A Dale. Robin would go on to help Alan regain his sweetheart Ellen from an arranged marriage to an old nobleman not of her choosing. (I should point out that other versions of the story cite the church as Campsall, and that Alan A Dale's intended wife was Alice de Beauforest.)

Papplewick was the headquarters of the Royal Foresters who tended to the upkeep of the King's forests, and St. James' Church was their burial place. Several medieval graveslabs, showing bows, arrows and hunting horns, can still be seen here today. These foresters cut their bows from the surrounding yew trees and, according to legend, Robin Hood did the same. See Robin Hood & his bow on THIS LINK and THIS LINK.

For more information about Alan A Dale follow the links on THIS POST.

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