Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sheriff of Nottingham tomb, St Peter's, Headon.

Sheriff of Nottingham was a Badge of Office, a Title bestowed on the role of a combined Tax Collector, Clerk, and Law Enforcer. So Robin Hood would have known more than one Sheriff in his day, although the term "Sheriff of Nottingham" had not yet come into use. It is thought that one such Sheriff may have been Simon de Headon, whose tomb slab lies in St Peter's Church, Headon. Exact dates regarding Simon de Headon are conflicting, but a Notts County Council document states he died in 1259, before being succeeded in the role by his son Gerard. He is depicted on the stone wearing chain mail, with armoured shoulder plates, and his feet resting on a small, long-eared dog. (See pictures below). For more information and pictures about the Sheriff of Nottingham follow the links on THIS PAGE.

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