Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Robin Hood statue, Nottingham Castle Green.

To the left of Nottingham Castle Gatehouse is the Castle Green, host to the most famous Robin Hood statue in the world. Sculpted by James Woodford, it was presented along with a series of wall plaques to the city by Philip E Clay to commemorate Queen Elizabeth's visit to Nottingham in 1949, the city's Quincentennial year. The plaques depict famous scenes from the Legend of Robin Hood: Robin fighting Little John over the River Leen, Robin and Marian fighting off Guy of Gisborne, King Richard at Robin and Marian's wedding, and Robin firing his final arrow from his death bed at Kirklees Abbey Gatehouse.

Two other sculptures, dated 1951, are also by James Woodford and portray several of Robin Hood's better known outlaws: Will Stuteley (also known as Will the Bowman), Little John, Friar Tuck, Alan A Dale, and Will Scarlet. Will Stuteley's presence is linked to the story that he was rescued from the Sheriff of Nottingham's gallows on this very spot by Robin Hood.

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