Sunday, July 08, 2007

Blidworth, and Maid Marian

According to some local legends the real Maid Marian was simply a girl from Blidworth Village. Other stories state that she only stayed here in a house on this hill on the night before her marriage to Robin Hood. On her wedding day, Will Scarlet (also thought to have been a Blidworth man), is said to have escorted Marian from this house to Edwinstowe, but this is perhaps unlikely considering the distance involved. There is also a story that Robin Hood's Outlaws used a nearby cave on the hillside to hide their stolen loot.

Note: According to at least one Nottingham Tourist Information website this house is situated opposite the Black Bull Pub. But the correct location is further up the hill, and almost opposite the Church where Will Scarlet was buried. To read more about Maid Marian click THIS LINK.

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