Monday, March 21, 2011

River Leen, Papplewick. Robin Hood meets Little John.

It was across the River Leen that Robin Hood is said to have met Little John. A once significant feature in the landscape, the River Leen ran down the valley into Nottingham on a route more or less where the A60 stands today. However, from at least the early 13th century, and in order to provide power for various Mills, it was dammed, diverted, and divided so much that today it has almost disappeared from the map on it way down from Kirkby, through Ravenshead, Papplewick, and on into the City of Nottingham itself. This video was shot as the river passes between Papplewick and Linby, where it was used to power various cotton mills. I chose this area because it has several connections with the Outlaws of Sherwood Forest.

Top picture: Robin Hood & Little John plaque, Nottingham Castle.

Above picture: Little John (Conrad Asquith) fights Robin Hood (Martin Potter) from "The Legend of Robin Hood" (1975). For more about Robin Hood's meeting with Little John click THIS LINK, and THIS LINK. For more about Papplewick and the Outlaws of Sherwood Forest click THIS LINK.

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