Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thieves Wood, Nottinghamshire.

Thieves Wood today has a much more cultivated appearance than it did in Robin Hood's day. This is because the storms of 1976 destroyed much of the original forest. But the track seen here, knicknamed Robin Hood's Way, still more or less conforms to the route it's timbers once took in order to build Nottingham Castle.

This Woodland once straddled each side of the route known as the King's Great Way, linking London with Nottingham, Mansfield, and on to Yorkshire. It became known as Thieves Wood due to the Outlaws and Thieves who hid here, awaiting unsuspecting travellers to pass by.

Robin Hood's Way as referred to in this video, is now a popular public pathway through the woods. Picnic facilities and guide map are available. A part of the original King's Great Way still exists in this region.

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